History of the ATiC

The ATiC was a group of Africa Twin riders who met on the early internet and later from 1996 in the real world at ATiC meetings.

What we had in common was a motorcycle and we loved to travel longer distances and get together with other adventurers regardless of borders and nationalities … and meanwhile also motorcycle brands and models. We discovered that money is not so important and its the simple things in life that count.

The original magic happened in a time when Europe seemed to be much further apart than today, when there were still borders, no GPS’s, when there were no detailed maps of small towns and remote places and every journey beyond your own country borders was a challenge to plan and ride.

People from many nations gathered after one of the guys invited everyone to his place to get to know the others as he only knew the people from emails in a mailing list on Honda Africa Twins. From then onward we continued to meet year by year in one or two places. Of course every time in a different location where someone else is local and can share the beauty of his region with the others. Friendships evolved that now already last decades – new people join each year and yes some people also take a different road.

The ATiC spirit is about the freedom to live adventures together, enjoy travelling to places far away, meeting people from all over Europe and beyond … or just simply sitting together at a campfire and telling stories while having a drink.