What is an ATiC Meeting?

Its a motorcycle meeting or rally where people agree on a place and date and then live some adventures together.
You travel there on any motorcycle you dare to live adventures with –  the root is from an adventure rider background and we still love to roam the paths rarely taken but there were choppers and streetfighters at meetings too.

Sounds rather common – why is it special then?

  • it’s a non commercial event – just about friends not about business
  • it’s not huge – just a group of people (4-50), some know each other for years others are new joiners
  • it’s is organized by you – or people like you. End of a season someone speaks up and tells the others that attended the last event that it would be nice if there was a next event at his favorite place. We agree time and place and post it for everybody to sign up
  • it’s the simple things in live that make the adventure – most of the meetings will be on a campground, there is some infrastructure around like restaurants, gas stations but the adventure starts when people start sharing coffee and gravel tracks … that’s where the ATiC spirit comes alive …

ATiC.org started as a group of Africa Twin riders who met on the early internet and later from 1996 in the real world at ATiC meetings.

What they had in common was a motorcycle, they loved to travel, discover new regions and get together with other adventurers regardless of borders and nationalities and meanwhile also motorcycle brands and models.

The ATiC spirit is about living adventures and enjoying travel in a foreign country, meeting people from all over Europe and beyond … sitting together at a campfire and telling stories while having a drink.