ATiC Meeting Gemona (Italy) 2009

Anouncement for the Gemona ATIC-Meeting

This ATIC-Meeting will be held from 25. to 29. May 2009

The “back to the Gelateria-Meeting”

Organisation TEAM:

– the northern ATIC-Gang


Camping Ai Pioppi see this link.

Please do any reservation on your own.


If you wanna join the meeting, please register under the provided link in the ATIC-Meeting Menu.

Important notes

If you plan to travel with others to the meeting, if you have questions, or anything else please use the ATIC-Forum for discussion or asking.

Important note at this point for all “newbies” and (or) the Organisation-Team is NOT responsible for your reservation or any payments. When you arrive at the meeting please check in at the camping like every other normal tourist and check out like every other normal tourist. That means YOU have to pay your individual bill.

Participation on ATiC events is totally on your own risk. However, you join all offered events totally voluntary and on your own risk. We are not responsible for things that happen to you or to your gear. In case of an accident, damage or loss you and the involved persons are fully responsible to each other. You cannot claim ATiC for any reponsibility. (taken from Micha’s page, also valid for this page)

More Info still to come — we will add it from time to time.

Thanks and CU in Italy

have fun


Registered so far for the Meeting in Gemona di Friuli

List will be updated from time to time. No worry – your Data are stored in the DB. If you want to be removed from the list for some reason (hope there is none) contact the admin, use PM or “Contact Us”.

Id Surename
Udo Crash Kid even the same one as last time Lower Saxony
Bernd Wolfes RD 07 oder LC 8 Germany
Stefan Schneider RD 07 Germany
Sandrine Barbier atic-fighter ZZR 600 north-germany
Axel Willimzig GLG-RD04 or zebra-RD03 north-germany
6 oph OPH Bine XTZ 750 germany
7 Onkel Tonio Liesel2 north-germany
8 Falk Falkman the white innocence Germany
9 Hartmut Grinsch Dani 2x Kuh Germany
10 Ingo Dölle Patrizia XRV 750 / LC 8 Adventure Alemagne
11 Mike Krebs XRV 750 RD 07 Germany
12 Gian Luca Giangualano XRV 750 RD 07/ KTM950SM/ R1200 GS Adv Italy
13 Martin Lüth RD 07 Bavaria
14 Michael Zeidler   Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin RD 07 Bavaria
15 Werner Rosenthal AT RD 04 Germany
16 Karin Lehmkühler TA PD 10 Germany
17 Arndt Christoph F 650 GS / BMW G650 Germany
18 Maze MUH Germany


Meeting Map

[map style=”width: auto; height:400px; margin:20px 0px 20px 0px; border: 1px solid black;” marker=”yes” lat=”46.308047″ lon=”13.153725″]