Q: Do I have to ride an “Adventure Bike”?
A: No … it might help on some tracks and yes we come from a dual sports background. But we also had people riding Fort Pramand on a Harley and hey there is always someone who does not like gravel and dirt and prefers twisties on the road.

Q: Is it free? How is it financed?
A: Yes it is free and not only that it is non commercial. From motorcycle riders for motorcycle riders. No club, no member card nothing but a chance to make friends that love adventure riding as much as you do. If there is cost for camping, restaurants, entrance fees and others then you pay them directly – the atic-meetings.org is just a platform to bring the people together and provide a rough coordination.

Q: Do I need to register?
A: No not in general. For meeting registration and some additional functions yes.

Q: I forgot my password
A: Please click the “forgot my passwort” link and get a new one. Also check your spam filter if you should not get an email

Q: Is it related to ATIC.ORG?
A: You know the old mothership? Cool – yes we originated from this cool bunch of people back in the nineties that rocked Europes’ roads and gravel tracks.
This webpage started to exist when the original ATiC.org was discontinued but we wanted to still meet each other every year. Meanwhile it has evolved and everybody drives something different (most of the rides are ugly!) but what should you do once the XRV Africa Twin was not built anymore. Anyway it is about the meetings and the people not about the bike. All motorcycle brands are welcome as long as the riders share the adventure rider spirit.

Q: Some parts of the page are not running or there are strange things happening
A: Contact the Admin. Maybe they can fix the problem, by the way they adore beer. Want to also become an Admin? Join some meetings first and talk to us.