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It is a side-project of

Why this page?

For more than 10 years ATiC has brought together people from all over Europe regardless of their vehicle or nationality. ATiC meetings have been shown up as unforgetable events with great trips, lots of “afterwork” pleasure and most important new locations and new faces at each event.

In December 2006 we started this page as a side-project. For more reasons take a look here .

What is an ATIC-Meeting?

Bikers which has joined one of the last 20 Meetings know it well. For me it is one of the most nice events i know.

it’s uncommercial – we don’t look for profit, we look for fun and friends

it should be limited to a small group of people (maybe 50) to avoid chaos

it could (should?) be organized by everybody — this means, if you think you know a cool place for a meeting, you can invite us. (you want, but you don’t know how? — no worry – ask the experts)

Hm, I have no Africa Twin (because it is called A(frica) T(win) I(nternetional) C(onnection) — Don’t worry — Webmaster owns a KTM now.

ATiC-Meetings only can exist with YOU. If you have a good idea for a meeting — inform us. Use the Mail Icon on Main Page :-)). Don’t be afraid – it’s not too much work to organize such a Meeting – we will help you all the way along.

More Questions?

Take a look to the Forum (if you are registered), to the Gallery and to the other stuff on the pages.

Enjoy, see U on a Meeting.