FAQ (famous answered questions)

Find here a sample of FAQ’s. This will grow from time to time.


Q: Must I register?

A: no, but … you can’t see all the content than. You can reach some pages only as registered user. The “bad thing” at the moment – you have to register for this page (only for booking space on a meeting) and also at the “Forum”. I don’t have a solution right now, to connect both login’s. 🙁

Q: do i have to pay something, when sign up?

A: no, nothing. You don’t get a member card, you don’t have to pay something. This is a free platform for you.

Q: The Webpage does not fit in my small monitor.

A: buy a bigger one, or wait till i find out to handle responsive templates

Q: I forgot my password

A: you can click at the “forgot my passwort-button” and maybe you get a new one. Note: “This webpage have no direct connection to Micha’s Webpage. So you can’t use your Passwords and Usernames from his pages here. Sorry, but you need a new registration here.

Q: Some parts of the page are not running or running strange

A: Contact the Admin. Maybe they can fix the problem. Please think about that I’m doin this site in my rare free time and I’m not a professional webdesinger and -programmer. Wanna become Admin-Status? contact us.

Q: Where can i get a 40 l gas tank for my Africa?

A: Right Question – wrong forum

… to be continued